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Add Some Dietary Supplements
To Your Diet To Boost Your Sex Drive


A good diet is important for a good health to keep all systems functioning well, including our sex drive. But most of the time the food we eat, may lack all the vital nutrients or may not be readily absorbed by the body. Taking dietary supplements gives an optimum intake of vitamins and minerals you may lack from your diet and some of these supplements provide a essential source for a healthy reproductive and active sex life. These micronutrients are crucial in maintaining a healthy reproduction and an active libido.

This is especially important to improve and boost a flagging libido linked with stress, ill health, fatigue, mental exhaustion, smoking and even excess intake of your favourite tipple. Coral Calcium contain many of the dietary supplements we need for optimum libido.

Check the table below for the nutrients information of some dietary supplements you need, to boost your sex drive.

Dietary Supplements

Sexual Function

Vitamin A
  • Regulates sexual growth, development and reproduction by turning on genes in response to sex hormone triggers.
  • Important for the production of sex hormones like oestrogen and testosterone
B Group Vitamins
B1 (1.4mg)
B2 (1.6mg)
B3 (18mg)
B5 (6mg)
B6 (2mg)
B12 (1mcg)
Folate (200mcg)
Vitamin B6
  • Play an important part in energy production
  • Regulate sex hormone function
  • Decreases production of prolactin, a hormone that reduces sex drive
  • In men, vitamin B6 helps regulate testosterone levels
Vitamin B2
  • A quick-acting aphrodisiac in pure form and produces flush (niacin fluch) identical to the sexual flush.
  • Enhances penile circulation by enlarging blood vessels
  • Stimulates secretion of histamine, needed for orgasm
Vitamin C
(80 mg)
  • Necessary for healthy non-clumping sperm
  • Increase semen volume
  • Boost sex drive
Vitamin E
(10 mg)
  • Plays a key role in production of sex hormones
  • Protects sex hormones from oxidation and degradation
    (defiency linked with a decreased sex drive and reduced fertility)
  • Help prevent prostatitis
(15 mg)
  • Essential for male sexual maturity
  • Triggers puberty in male
  • Defiency reduces testicular function and impaired fertility
  • Boost sex drive
  • Increase sperm production
  • Potency in male


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